Support the podcast and fund climate action

When you make a donation to support the podcast, 50% of income funds climate action in cities via partner organisations. The other 50% helps the podcast to cover its costs and grow. At the moment, donations are supporting Trees for Cities, who do amazing work planting trees with communities in the UK and internationally. 

You can donate via the links below. If you want to receive email updates and additional content, consider becoming a premium subscriber via Substack, which costs the same as the options below but gets you on the newsletter list.

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Why does the podcast take donations?

The Green Urbanist Podcast has been running since June 2020 without any form of income or funding. Ultimately the ambition is for the podcast to work towards a 'regenerative' business model where it funds climate action in cities while getting enough income to grow and reach more people. 50% of income from donations goes towards covering the podcasts ongoing costs (such as website hosting) and investing wisely in the podcast's growth. 

If you have the money to spare and believe in our mission to inspire a better future, please consider giving. If you can't, don't worry - you can still access the podcast for free! Consider supporting the podcast by sharing your favourite episode on social media or with a friend.