#77: Tackling Overheating in Buildings with Antonietta Canta (Arup)
The Green Urbanist PodcastDecember 30, 202300:45:0330.98 MB

#77: Tackling Overheating in Buildings with Antonietta Canta (Arup)

Antonietta Canta is a Principal Environmental and Sustainability Engineer at Arup. In this episode we discuss their recent research report: ‘Addressing overheating risk in existing UK homes’. As dry as that title sounds, the conversation was actually very illuminating and useful. It's also useful for listeners outside the UK!

We discuss:

  • How many homes in UK are at risk of overheating now and in future climate scenarios.
  • Why new apartments overheat more than houses and older buildings.
  • The best strategies for reducing overheating in new and existing buildings and advice for architects, planners and policy makers.

Read the report: https://www.arup.com/perspectives/publications/research/section/addressing-overheating-risk-in-existing-uk-homes

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