#73: Sean McCormack - Rewilding Urban London (Part 2)
The Green Urbanist PodcastSeptember 05, 202300:46:3032.02 MB

#73: Sean McCormack - Rewilding Urban London (Part 2)

Sean McCormack is a consultant Vet, the Chairperson of Ealing Wildlife Group, and an incredibly knowledgeable nature conservationist and educator based in west London. This episode is part 2 of our conversation where we get into more detail on: 

  • The practicalities of reintroducing beavers to an urban park
  • Management of urban nature
  • Rewilding vs nature restoration
  • The importance of partnerships and collaboration

I also got the chance to speak with Elliot Newton and Ben Stockwell of Citizen Zoo, who are also involved in the beaver reintroduction at Paradise Fields. Listen out for their voices towards the end of this episode.

See photos of the locations being rewilded at the companion blog post: Substack blog

Learn more about Ealing Wildlife Group: https://ealingwildlifegroup.com/

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