#72: Sean McCormack - Rewilding Urban London (Part 1)
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#72: Sean McCormack - Rewilding Urban London (Part 1)

Sean McCormack is a consultant Vet, the Chairperson of Ealing Wildlife Group, and an incredibly knowledgeable nature conservationist and educator based in west London. In this episode we discuss his work to rewild urban London by reintroducing harvest mice, beavers and (eventually maybe) water voles while supporting native predators like falcons and owls in the city. It’s a really positive and inspiring story of how a community and a local government are working together for the good of nature. We also discuss how reintroducing beavers will mitigate flooding in the local area and advice for others interested in urban rewilding and nature conservation.

Sean was very generous with his time and we ended up talking for 2 hours, so this episode is part 1 of that conversation. Part 2 is coming soon!

See photos of the locations being rewilded at the companion blog post: Substack blog

Learn more about Ealing Wildlife Group: https://ealingwildlifegroup.com/

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