#68: Urban Rewilding
The Green Urbanist PodcastJune 04, 202301:07:4346.58 MB

#68: Urban Rewilding

What is urban rewilding? Can it be done in cities? Is anyone doing it? 

In this episode, we explore:

  • History of the rewilding concept
  • Current best practice in rewilding
  • How rewilding can be applied to cities
  • Case studies of active and passive rewilding in urban areas around the world

Companion Blog Post - See visuals of the stuff we talk about plus sources and bibliography.

We made a few small errors in this podcast. Around 24:00, Giulia says Sequoia tree seeds come in 'pine nuts' when she meant to say 'cones' (you can see how her mind was working...). 
Around 40:00, Ross says Rewilding Enfield is along the River Lea, when it is actually on the other side of the Borough in Enfield Chase (sorry, Londoners...). 

Thanks for listening!

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