#63: Israa Mahmoud - Co-designing Nature-based Solutions in Cities
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#63: Israa Mahmoud - Co-designing Nature-based Solutions in Cities

Read the companion blog post to his episode on Substack.

Israa Mahmoud is Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Her research interests include nature-based solutions, co-design and urban governance. Her recent publications include The book Placemaking for Green Urban Regeneration, published by Springer. She is the research team leader together with Prof. Eugenio Morello on CLEVER Cities Project as an expert of Co-creation guidance for cities to implement Nature-based solutions in socially inclusive urban regeneration processes.

We talk about:

  • Nature-based solutions
  • The need to take a place-based approach to NbS
  • Co-designing by immersion with communities
  • The sweet spot between top down and grassroots approaches to urban change
  • CLEVER Cities project and case studies in Milan 

Learn more about Israa and her publications here.
Learn more about the CLEVER Cities project here. 

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