#55: Tim Stonor and Anna Rose (Space Syntax) - Science-based Human-centric Urbanism
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#55: Tim Stonor and Anna Rose (Space Syntax) - Science-based Human-centric Urbanism

Tim Stonor is an architect and urban planner who has devoted his career to the analysis and design of human behaviour patterns – the ways in which people move, interact and transact in buildings and urban places. He is Managing Director of Space Syntax and a visiting professor at several top universities like University College London.

Anna Rose is an architect and urban planner, and Director of Space Syntax, where she leads their consulting activities in the UK, USA and continental Europe. She is also Honorary Senior Research Fellow at The Bartlett, University College London.

Space Syntax are a fascinating and unique group of people. Emerging out of University College London with a robust scientific approach to urban design and architecture, they now work all over the world on building, masterplans and urban strategy projects as well as conducting research and training.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Taking a science-based and human-centric approach to urban design
  • Why studying human behaviour should be central to urban and architectural design
  • The common challenges cities across the world are facing
  • The role and risks of technology in the future of cities

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