#48: Younha Rhee & Gustavo Brunelli (Atelier Ten) - Environmental Design
The Green UrbanistJuly 04, 202200:28:3119.64 MB

#48: Younha Rhee & Gustavo Brunelli (Atelier Ten) - Environmental Design

Gustavo and Younha are both Technical Directors at Atelier Ten, an environmental design consultancy. Combining expertise in architecture and engineering they shape buildings and masterplans to be sustainable and healthy. 
In this episode we discuss:

  • What is environmental design and how it differs for buildings and masterplans
  • Circular design in masterplanning
  • Carbon emissions and sinks in landscape design
  • How the development and design industry is changing and the need for collaboration and debate

This episode was recorded at the Footprint+ Conference in Brighton in May 2022. We recorded this with a single microphone sitting outside near to the beach so there is background noise. It's not too distracting and hopefully gives you a sense of the atmosphere on the day. 

 At some points in the conversation we make reference to 'Patrick'. That is Patrick Bellew, Founding Director of Atelier Ten, who spoke at the conference earlier in the day. 

Find out more about Atelier Ten: https://www.atelierten.com/

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